Appellate Practice

If you have received an unfavorable decision from the trial court, Tonneman & Connors, LLC is here to help with your appeal.  We have experience appearing before the Appellate Division and the New Jersey Supreme Court in appellate matters and are well suited to handle the appellate process.  Appeals can arise after a decision has been rendered following a full divorce trial, a post-judgment motion hearing, a post-judgment plenary hearing, arbitration, a domestic violence hearing or even a decision in the middle of a case.

Perhaps you believe that the division of property was unfair, an alimony award was incorrect, that visitation rights were egregiously limited, or a final restraining order was inappropriately entered.   Appeals require an analysis of the standard of review of the lower court’s decision and a full explanation of the governing statutory and case law involved in the issues on appeal.  Whether you believe that the trial court decision should be overturned or insist that it be upheld, we have the legal expertise necessary to represent your interests to the fullest.

Tonneman & Connors, LLC is willing to invest the resources, time and effort necessary for a successful appeal – contact us today.