Mediation allows for you and your spouse to hire a private mediator to facilitate your settlement discussions outside of court.  Mediation can occur at the beginning of your divorce process before either party has filed a Complaint for Divorce or it can occur during the court process as court-ordered mediation.  Tonneman & Connors, LLC has experience in representing clients in mediation and in serving as private and court-appointed mediators.

The advantages to mediation are that it generally reduces the cost of getting divorced and is usually completed more quickly than a litigated case.  The disadvantage to mediation is that a mediator cannot offer legal advice because a mediator serves as a neutral, so you and your spouse still need to seek the assistance of counsel to understand your rights.  Mediation allows parties to achieve an amicable resolution that is tailored to their individual needs without engaging in an adversarial process.  Mediation can be used to resolve all issues in a divorce including alimony, child support, property division, custody and parenting time.

Mediation often proves to be an excellent alternative to litigation in Monmouth, Middlesex and Ocean Counties in New Jersey.  If mediation sounds appealing, do not hesitate to contact Tonneman & Connors, LLC today for more information.